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John Harris

John Harris entered the Jewellery trade in Glasgow, Scotland 1948 and after completing his apprenticeship as a Heraldic Silver Engraver he studied gemmology and obtained his FGA in 1956.  He then became self employed and moved to Carlisle in the North of England where he and his wife Kathleen developed a family business over a period of sixty years. Their son Richard is also a qualified jeweller and gemmologist. 

During his many years as a Gem – A tutor John lectured and provided workshops in which he specialised in the practical use of the spectroscope. Early attempts at photographing gemstone spectra through the spectroscope began about 1980 using 35mm.emulsion film and advanced with the introduction of digital imaging around the year 2000 at which time his Spectra Database was launched on the internet. In 2009 his work in this field was recognised by Gem -A who awarded him “The R. Keith Mitchell Award for Excellence in Gemmological Spectroscopy". During this year he also became an Honorary Life Member of  The Gemmological Association of Great Britain.


The R. Keith Mitchell Award for Excellence in Gemmological Spectroscopy

Gem - A Conference London October 2009


   John and Kathleen Harris.

"Life's full of surprises - nobody tells me anything! I felt very honoured to be presented with "The R. Keith Mitchell Award" and I thank all those who thought me worthy of this achievement. It was good to meet friends and colleagues again and I hope those who attended my workshop found some inspiration to further their expertise in the use of the spectroscope. Thanks to all for your courtesy to Kathleen and myself in the magnificent setting of Goldsmiths Hall."


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